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Our aim is to grow and provide medicinal herbs to the community. We are committed to educating all peoples about the traditional Indian medicine system of "Siddha" and encouraging a holistic lifestyle.

About us

Martuvam Healing forest is a 7.5 acre medicinal forest and garden in the western periphery of Auroville near the Tamil village of Annainagar. Beginning in 2002, Sivaraj, his wife, Malar, their three children, and friends of Auroville have used traditional cultivation and harvesting techniques to turn their barren plot of land into a multidimensional healing centre and educational haven.
Friends from the Pitcheandikulam Bio Resource centre in Auroville, where Sivaraj once worked, gave enormously of information and seedlings, which have grown into a lush, natural forest and have provided the raw materials for the centre's herbal medicines.